The program is entirely executed by a trio - oboe, bassoon and piano.
The oboe, bassoon and piano is a classical structure of a piano trio for which a lot of interesting music is written. First of all it is certainly Francis Poulenc's well-known trio created by the composer in 1926. It is after performing of this trio by Mikhail Shtanko, Alexander and Olga Posikera, an idea of creation of this musical project was born. Now within the "Wind Alive" project the mass of works from baroque trio-sonatas to modern compositions and Astor Pyazzola's music is performed. And at the end of a concert popular, effective miniatures encore steadily follow. During a concert we tell about the musical instruments, about composers, about the works performing in a concert and stories of their creation. Thus maintaining the program possibly as in Russian, and in English. For the last four years more than thirty concerts of the project in many cities of Russia and abroad were played. Except concerts, in a framework of "Wind Alive" pass master classes in chamber halls and various educational institutions of Russia. In 2010 and 2011 musicians wrote down and let out two CD of music for oboe, bassoon and piano.
In 2010 the trio was entitled the Winner of the I award of the international competition "Modern Art and Education" (Moscow).

"Wind Alive"