Divertissement for Soul

The new album of the «Classics-Art» soloists consists of the most renowned and most performed pieces for the wind ensemble: Piano quintet Es-dur by Mozart and Sextet by Francis Poulenc.
 A word «divertissement» in the disс title could by translated as «amusement». No doubt, each listener can find something for him or her to amuse in the music of Wolfgang Mozart and Francis Poulenc. To this extent this music has a universal quality and can be compared with a cabbage head: with striping it layer by layer we grasp new more and more deep meanings.

There is a wish to express once again gratitude to people who helped this disk to be born:
Larisa Andrianova who was the main driving force of this project
Galina Katunina - the sound producer which spent incredible quantity of the time for the project
Yury Matsik - the artist who has created for a disk these wonderful pictures, one of which, by the way, I laid down in a basis of our new site design
Ivan Pigarev - the designer who has appeared at once between seven fires of different opinions of interested persons and managed thus to please all))
Evgenia Tsvankina - the photographer, whose works we with pleasure used in the booklet.


Divertissement for Soul

Mozart. Quintet for piano and four wind instruments

KV 452

I - Largo-Allegro moderato

II - Larghetto

III - Allegretto

Francis Poulenc. Sextet for Piano and Wind quintet

Op. 100

I - Allegro vivace

II - Divertissement

III - Finale